"THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE" photoshoot with the talented Savannah Blain

Last month Savannah and I put together a Rock & Roll Americana themed photoshoot for her Interview and feature in the Summer 2015 issue of "THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE"! We wanted to show off her home town of Chewelah Washington and her american pride. She is only 17 and she already has an EP produced by the famous Justin Armstrong! She is a rising star, and is an an amazing person. Her interview and my photographs span 8 pages inside and she is surrounded by the best of the best... Janet Jackson on the cover, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson...Too many amazing stars in the magazine to mention!  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph her; I'm thrilled beyond belief that the photos I took are featured in an international music magazine!  I have a very good feeling this is just the start of amazing things to come for the both of us! Here is a look at some more photos from our session that day!

We wondered through THE STREET in Chewelah, haha... Its a pretty small town that we live in here in Washington. We wanted to feature her home town in a fun way. Skipping down the crosswalks, singing on street corners, posing by dumpsters and hair salon alleys... We even did half the shoot on her families property in a field with their big red FORD. I had so much fun! A BIG THANKS goes out to my 2 assistants of the night, Savannah's oldest sister Lacey and Lacey's best friend Kaitlyn. They were my reflector holders and our personal cheerleading squad!