You can find beautiful locations anywhere

The possibilities for beautiful photoshoot locations are endless. Some of the best spots are hiding in plain sight! I have learned that not everyone can really see the potential of an amazing location at first glance. I guess my brain works differently when looking at possible locations. But I do think this can be practiced and learned! I just drive around all the time location scouting. I look for things that are strange, things that are interesting. Below, I'm going to show you an example of a location many people consider an eye sore in town, and what I did in my photoshoot to make it look like an amazing desirable location!


There is this abandoned lot in the middle of my town, tons of weeds, piles of dirt and rocks, broken down vehicles. When I saw it I was in love! But I cannot say the same for my models when they arrived at our photoshoot. You could see the hesitation, the "what did I sign up for" look on their faces. HAHA. At the end of the shoot I showed them some of the photos on the back of my camera and they were shocked that location looked like that in camera. It looked like we were in a completely different part of the country, we live in Washington state…. in a forrest… The photos made it look like we were in Nevada or Arizona! I love finding spots that nobody sees as beautiful and changing their minds in my photographs. Be original, look for places nobody uses, separate yourself from the other photographers in your area! You can do it!


The first photos are from my location scouting trip, just drove by this lot and stopped to snap a photo with my cell phone. Nothing special right? Well just wait till you see what we did!


Thanks Katrina Russel & Jeannie Corbett for modeling! You 2 are gorgeous! If you or someone you know would be interested in modeling and live in the eastern washington/northern idaho area contact me! I'm always looking for new models! No experience necessary!!

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