Lilac Princess

Every night this week I have been watching the golden sun filling my dining room at sunset. Everytime I see the light I think, DANG why don't I have a shoot tonight?! It is seriously perfect… Yesterday I was mowing my lawn and I walked by my big lilac bush, immediately the fragrance hit me and I was instantly inspired to do a photoshoot by them. It was very strange timing because Katrina just happened to be walking home from school and was passing my house at the exact same time I thought of doing a photoshoot. (Katrina is a high school senior that I have become friends with and photographed a few times for fun).  I yelled at her "hey, you busy tonight?" she smiled really big and replied "nope". I yelled back at her "you wanna do a shoot at 7pm?" (it was like 5:15pm btw haha) Of course she said yes so I told her to wear a white dress and I'll pick her up at 7pm.

It felt like a fairytale, she was spinning and posing in front of that golden glowing sunset and I was having so much fun I'm pretty sure I squealed more than I spoke words to her! 

My husband bought me a few LENSBABY lenses so I knew I wanted to practice using them in this shoot. WOW, I mean WOW WOW WOW! It really made the photos so much more than I had imagined in my head. I am so proud of how this shoot turned out, especially since it was thrown together in less than 2 hours. We just winged it!

For this shoot I used my Canon 7D, Optic Edge 80 LENSBABY F4, a reflector with the silver side out, a smoke bomb, and I edited the photos in PS CS5 using Paint the Moon actions (Luminosity and Artisan sets). I cloned quite a bit because we took these in my front yard. So I had to remove a garbage can and driveways. Below I am including a before and after shot as well as a few of my favorite shots. ENJOY!